Server runtime: 3,485 days

Online players: 0

Registered players: 4,250

Current version: Alpha 0.0.519

2nd April 2012

  • Fixed Fixed issue with players having more than 1 million of a resource type and javascript altering that field to make it look like the player only had 1,000 or so.

15th March 2012

  • Changed Fixed the label of population required for next settler. It was using max ever population rather than current total population as the indication of how much more to go.

12th January 2012

  • Changed Fixed item grade display in the market when supplying settlements. Used to be 1 star for all grades.

4th December 2011

  • Changed Changed leader loyalty bonus from 0.5 to 0.2

3rd November 2011

  • Changed Fixed issue with secondary building queue adding time of all buildings in queue when automating building destruction

20th October 2011

  • Changed Fixed issue with not being able to build as many spies as you should have been able to.

6th October 2011

  • Changed Changed front page label replacement behavior on the login form
  • Fixed Improved bundling so that static JS files are now run through Google Closure

20th August 2011

  • Fixed Fixed starvation logs not showing reinforcement deaths despite being counted on the list screen.

11th August 2011

  • Added Added ability to repair and degrade a building all the way when in the secondary building queue.
  • Added Added a notepad that can be used by both players and overseers for saving bits of information.
  • Fixed Fixed an exploit allowing players to conquer capitals.
  • Fixed Showing settlement name when performing spy mission to show other settlements.

9th August 2011

  • Changed If you don't have enough resources, you can see which you are low of, at the party screen
  • Changed Next arriving merchant timer now ticks down properly.
  • Changed Changed the standard (Explorer finds nothing new here) log subject.
  • Changed All map claims are now shown to all players and not just to the settlement of which made the claim.
  • Added Added bonus information to Athletic track.
  • Fixed Overseers can no longer view or change any options within options whilst overseeing that player.
  • Fixed Overseers can no longer view the clan attack page when overseeing that player.
  • Fixed Royal reporting and Checking for infiltrated spy missions should now be available.
  • Fixed Removed Go button when infiltrating and a few other niggles with spy infiltration
  • Fixed Fixed a couple of typos around and about the game.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with not being able to send out explorer to claim terrains.

10th July 2011

  • Changed Item cooldowns are now removed when you cancel an item creation
  • Fixed Fixed costs not updating when creating an item with multiple bonus types
  • Fixed Limited leader usage when creating an item

9th July 2011

  • Fixed Fixed some movement issues and exploits

7th July 2011

  • Changed Items can now have higher bonuses.
  • Added Added item creation cooldowns

23rd June 2011

  • Added Added item searching onto the old and big map
  • Fixed Secured troop training exploits
  • Fixed Fixed unit XP gained from training units

22st June 2011

  • Changed Changed merchant screen to display table
  • Added Now showing merchants required on supply settlements screen
  • Fixed Fixed issue with going to current settlement when clicking home on map
  • Fixed Fixed exploit with being able to have more than one item in secondary build queue

21st June 2011

  • Added Added attack score on send attack confirmation screen
  • Fixed Various item fixes, enhancements and changes

19th June 2011

  • Added Added items, creating items, item stealing, collecting items
  • Fixed Reworked the deluxe system (backend changes)
  • Fixed Fixed date format on the starvation overview
  • Fixed Fixed and changed leader health

17th June 2011

  • Fixed Fixed claim violation check
  • Fixed Fixed statistics form handling

15th June 2011

  • Fixed Fixed scry timing
  • Fixed Fixed random scrying
  • Fixed Fixed form resubmission error when searching for co-ordinates on the map

12th June 2011

  • Fixed Fixed a few issues with error tracking and a few other backend things

9th June 2011

  • Fixed Fixed exploits to do with bypassing building requirements

6th June 2011

  • Fixed Fixed issues with Overseering
  • Fixed Fixed preference to do with building/repairing/degrading

19th May 2011

  • Fixed Backend changes to do with form posting

12th May 2011

  • Fixed Fixed issue when viewing the edge of the Draggable map

9th May 2011

  • Added Added ability to see capitals on the Draggable map

8th May 2011

  • Fixed The Repeat button on logs now only appears to the player who performed the action
  • Fixed Deleting messages sent to self can now be deleted again

31st March 2011

  • Added Added [c] to Capital settlements
  • Fixed Fixed parties

30th March 2011

  • Fixed Fixed display of bonuses for leaders/researches and on the field view
  • Fixed Fixed secondary build queue time exploit

20th March 2011

  • Changed Changed field view stage text to replicate settlement view stage text
  • Changed Added zebra striping to overview tables
  • Added Added glowing to leader icons on the settlement view to show level up and death
  • Fixed Fixed a range of marketplace and log bugs in relation to the marketplace

19th March 2011

  • Fixed Fixed auto explore... again - this time for good
  • Fixed Few other backend changes

17th March 2011

  • Fixed Fixed auto repair of walls
  • Fixed Fixed leader transfer amongst other leader related bugs

10th March 2011

  • Changed Clan communication box is now formatted exactly the same as the pop-out clan and world chats
  • Added Added indicators on the clan overview to show amount of players and the limit of players within that clan
  • Fixed Fixed clan/world chat issues

10th March 2011

  • Fixed Worked on registration issues
  • Fixed Fixed building queue timers

9th March 2011

  • Fixed Disabled BBCode menu when composing messages
  • Fixed Made a few fixes to the building guide to make it clearer and display more information

28th February 2011

  • Changed Special tiny_mce message input is now disabled on mobile/console browsers
  • Added Added the next/previous settlement names on the switch settlement arrows
  • Fixed Fixed a few other starvation overview issues

27th February 2011

  • Changed Improved display of research list
  • Added Added dynamic countDown tickers to research timers
  • Fixed Performance improvements regarding Research and Messages
  • Fixed Fixed Resource Balance JS and made it look a little nicer

26th February 2011

  • Fixed Fixed issue with duplicating explorers
  • Fixed Fixed resources counting down when at 0 per hour
  • Fixed Fixed auto exploration only working from some settlements
  • Fixed Fixed starvation logs

19th February 2011

  • Fixed Improved performance around 4x with backend optimisation

12th February 2011

  • Fixed Fixed auto exploration
  • Fixed Fixed and recoded automatic resource tickers in jQuery

10th February 2011

  • Added Added a basic starvation log section to the overview screen.
  • Fixed Upgraded to jQuery 1.5.0 and jQuery UI 1.8.9 and now using Head.JS
  • Fixed A few JavaScript fixes and enhancements.

9th February 2011

  • Fixed Fixed messages not displaying within your inbox when you message yourself

22nd January 2011

  • Changed Displaying medals and ribbons for players between 4th and 10th place in Top 10 list
  • Fixed Case sensitivity and word-wrapping for the chat

19th January 2011

  • Added World chat
  • Fixed Basic profanity filter to chat

17th January 2011

  • Fixed Clan chat is now functioning again

5th January 2011

  • Added Added link for World Map for all browsers but Internet Explorer

18th December 2010

  • Added Added loading indicator to the draggable map
  • Fixed Fixed an issue where players with the old generic style couldn't see images

11th December 2010

  • Added Fixed password retrieval saying that email didn't exist in game

6th December 2010

  • Added Added draggable interactive map

30th November 2010

  • Added Updated leaders and added an extra skill and bonus
  • Fixed Fixed issue with failed scouting missions showing troops
  • Fixed Logged in players can no longer view the registration page

27th November 2010

  • Added Added leader guide

23rd November 2010

  • Fixed Fixed bug with quest unit rewards
  • Fixed Fixed issue with auto explore

7th November 2010

  • Added Implemented Athletic Track/Stadium bonuses in game to speed up troop movements

1st November 2010

  • Fixed Sitting no longer displays player being sat as being inactive

26th October 2010

  • Fixed Overviews should now automatically update everything in each settlement without having to click on them

24th October 2010

  • Changed Improved performance slightly for all pages
  • Changed Improved performance for the map (more than twice as fast)
  • Changed Exploration overview now displays if an explorer is dead

21st October 2010

  • Changed Changed parchment background slightly to be less grainy as text was hard to read
  • Added Added a basic unit overview

19th October 2010

  • Changed Overviews with list of settlements are now sorted by player preference
  • Changed The research guide now has sections which expand and collapse
  • Changed The last overview you looked at in your session is remembered and displayed first
  • Fixed Fixed transfer of preferences when Overseeing players
  • Fixed Fixed Scry range when entering in co-ordinates in the Shrine
  • Fixed Fixed marketplace max buttons to work a little better

16th October 2010

  • Changed Removed spies from being displayed in logs (less clutter)
  • Fixed Improved handling and display of sending troops
  • Fixed Fixed issue with building using the building details screen and improved navigation
  • Fixed Fixed Land Claiming not working when in fact researched
  • Fixed Fixed bug with leader allocated skills
  • Fixed Issue with alliance only trades has been fixed

14th October 2010

  • Changed Multiple messages when sent are now grouped together to save clutter
  • Fixed Fixed a problem with messages being classed as read when it hadn't been read yet

8th October 2010

  • Fixed Fixed exploring a settlement when middle square of settlement was already explored

27th September 2010

  • Fixed Clan relationships have been fixed with sending aggressive movements

26th September 2010

  • Fixed Aggressive actions against clan members displays the warning again
  • Fixed Problem with leaders starving
  • Fixed Broken link with unit information
  • Fixed Navigation when submitting forms on building views are better

25th September 2010

  • Changed Cleaned up building list display slightly
  • Fixed Exploit with building in a restricted slot
  • Fixed Changing settlement with dropdown should keep you on the same page/view you were on before, just like the arrows did
  • Fixed Highlighting issues with your leader on the Leader statistics
  • Fixed When you settled before it was classed as a failure even when successful

21st September 2010

  • Changed Activated Spy deluxe option
  • Added Revamped auto explore function, it now takes into account any other settlement that is exploring from you and your clan and ignores those spots. It is also MUCH quicker

20th September 2010

  • Added Category name within the delete all logs dialog
  • Added Leader type specific icons - from panbubo
  • Fixed Variety of log bugs
  • Fixed Jumping game window issue in IE7

13th September 2010

  • Fixed 301 image loading issues on settlement view

12th September 2010

  • Fixed Minor issues with logging in/registering

8th September 2010

  • Added Added siege targets when viewing a movmeent with targets selected
  • Fixed Improved performance of explore quests and other assets in game

4th September 2010

  • Added Reworked log system, which includes many improvements to performance and other enhancements
  • Fixed Mounted scouts were not being included when scouting as Warriors
  • Fixed When scouting, latest snapshot of units in settlement was not used

24th August 2010

  • Changed Changed upkeep display at the top to total food production and changed icon
  • Added Added a breakdown of all the bonuses retrieved from buildings, researches, leaders and deluxe to text and tooltip on fields page

20th August 2010

  • Changed Added new subnav buttons from panbubo

11th August 2010

  • Fixed All image downloads are now cached properly. This was caused by our sub-domain 301 redirecting past cache. Thanks so much Zytron!

6th August 2010

  • Fixed Problem with architect stats

3rd August 2010

  • Changed Added 4th skill option to leveling up leader
  • Fixed Reinforcement detail links are now visible again
  • Fixed Typo on rearrange screen
  • Fixed You can no longer accesss the profile page as an overseer
  • Fixed Messages sent by overseer specify so

2nd August 2010

  • Fixed Research data fixed

31st July 2010

  • Changed Merged message and log icons into a single sprite for quicker loading
  • Changed Slightly worked with logs, unread mail icon and quest icon (still needs improving)
  • Changed Slightly improved the way the guide looks (still needs improving somewhat)
  • Changed Reduced cooldown between sending new messages on the clan communication panel from 5 seconds to 2
  • Changed Rearranged and added information on the player profile page
  • Fixed Wall displayed time to upgrade and costs even when at max stage
  • Fixed Improved clan chat appearing as though double posts were made and made other small fixes

31st July 2010

  • Changed Improved how the login form works after the graphic update
  • Added Added a pop-out version of the clan chat
  • Fixed Democrative rights quest description from 200 votes to 300 votes as is required
  • Fixed Village hall displayed time to upgrade and costs even when at max stage

30th July 2010

  • Changed Updated the game interface using various graphics and have given each race a more personalised look

15th July 2010

  • Fixed Issue with game statistics not being stored properly (admin)

12th July 2010

  • Changed Panbubo has updated many buildings, improving them

11th July 2010

  • Changed Following names are now reserved: Torquemada, Anthemius, Antonia, Erithimas, Bodician, Alizonia, Tazias and Po
  • Fixed Issue with building guide link in empty slot view now directs you to the guide properly
  • Fixed Small issue with registration process

7th July 2010

  • Fixed Problem with titles not being displayed on map caused by alt tag on images used

6th July 2010

  • Changed Player names on map now include clan tag
  • Changed Population left until you can build another settler has been added

5th July 2010

  • Changed Incoming timer text is only red when next incoming is aggressive.
  • Changed Some messages have been given a spice of RP.
  • Changed Researches now display if all have been done in a building.
  • Added Change log added.
  • Fixed Admin information display.
  • Fixed Native Embassy evolution 2 cost multiplier has been fixed from 0.

4th July 2010

  • Changed Added combat deluxe options

26th June 2010

  • Fixed Clan feed messages were wrongly displaying if an offer was cancelled or declined

23rd January 2010

  • Fixed Page load enhancements for players with many villages
  • Fixed Attacking with priests used to yield no booty
  • Fixed Attacking would sometimes happen twice

10th January 2010

  • Fixed Back-end changes to make it easier for us to add more building slots

9th January 2010

  • Changed Overseers can no longer do quests for the overseen
  • Added Added basic clan message system
  • Added Research timer
  • Added View on map link for explored and non-explored land view
  • Added Alliance only option for marketplace
  • Fixed Exploit that allowed players to have more than 50 carts in a village
  • Fixed Description of Staunch Defenders quest has been corrected
  • Fixed Alignment of wall stage icon and overview tables
  • Fixed Bounty is now correctly shown as half that of raiding capacity in logs and troop confirmation for attacks
  • Fixed Exploit where you could name your village nothing
  • Fixed Exploit to do with amending reinforcements in a village
  • Fixed Display issues in IE7 and IE6

10th December 2009

  • Changed Reinforcing someone now yields defender points for the reinforcer and not just the owner of the village being raided/attacked

9th December 2009

  • Changed Clans can no longer be leaderless
  • Added Displayed Max Population in player profiles
  • Fixed Allowed only 1 research at a time in buildings that can research

8th December 2009

  • Added Colour swatch for quick links
  • Added Building types can now be quick linked

7th December 2009

  • Changed Players can now attack one another fully

6th December 2009

  • Added Medals for weekly achievements
  • Added Quick Links - Customisable quick links to bottom of screen
  • Fixed Bug with research queues not displaying properly
  • Fixed Quest research bug

5th December 2009

  • Changed Top player of week now receives a crown next to their name in statistic pages
  • Added Lots of researches added into game

1st December 2009

  • Changed Walls now automatically repair at no cost to player
  • Changed Christmas themed village background added
  • Fixed Home button now works after random exploring in map view
  • Fixed Issue with apostrophes in game mails
  • Fixed Issue with starvation only killing off a single unit type at a time

28th November 2009

  • Changed Stage numbers are now different colours depending on status in settlement view
  • Fixed IE signing in problems

27th November 2009

  • Added Reply text now displayed in messages when replying
  • Added Next/Previous buttons for settlement switching
  • Fixed Issue with building queue timer showing wrong building completion time

26th November 2009

  • Fixed Statistic pages and have made them a little more consistent

25th November 2009

  • Added Crystal Polisher building graphic added
  • Added 'Game being updated' status for updating game

24th November 2009

  • Added Ajax map view for quicker scrolling
  • Added New Magi icons
  • Added Sling Maker building graphics

22nd November 2009

  • Changed Optimised alot of old code
  • Added Players can now feed their reinforcements in other settlements
  • Fixed Quest issues

11th November 2009

  • Added Extra quests
  • Added Game concept page for first time players
  • Fixed Issue with single race quests
  • Fixed Accidentally sent an e-mail to everyone who has logged in in last 5 weeks saying they may get deleted soon
  • Fixed Correctly sent an e-mail to everyone who has been inactive for 5 weeks or more to say their accounts may get deleted soon

10th November 2009

  • Changed Population score and population needed for settlers now goes by highest population you have ever had
  • Changed Changed Evo 1 for Vinters to small slot
  • Changed Updated some descriptions for buildings.
  • Changed Reduced Crystal Polisher requirements for Magic Shield.
  • Changed Lowered costs for Evo1 resource upgrades
  • Changed Blacksmith pre requisite changed from academy to forge
  • Changed Forge pre requisite architects at stage3 instead of 4
  • Changed Layout changes in registration page
  • Added Quest system
  • Fixed Worked with profanity filter in forum

9th November 2009

  • Changed Slight changes in map view
  • Added Bug that let you keep some defending units when conquering a settlement

7th November 2009

  • Fixed Corrected issues with resource overview
  • Fixed Bug where explorers returned instantly in map view
  • Fixed Defence totals properly in unit overview now

6th November 2009

  • Changed Improvements to message system for replying
  • Changed Improved Magi icon from Andyy
  • Added Graphics for Secondary Pens
  • Fixed Two starvation bugs squashed

5th November 2009

  • Changed Improved general and resource overviews
  • Changed Explorers are now triple speed if exploring mapview around its home settlement
  • Changed Food Storehouse renaming to Food Store
  • Added Thousand seperators to (hopefully) every number
  • Added Mass log deletion button
  • Added Research tab to Advanced Factory
  • Added Mini icons for Storehouses and Food Stores

4th November 2009

  • Changed Konoro Kingdom added to more browser game sites
  • Changed Deluxe button now pulses if you haven't voted today

26th October 2009

  • Changed Degrading architect building under stage 10 now possible
  • Fixed Players can no longer oversee multiple players
  • Fixed Paging issue on messages and logs

20th October 2009

  • Fixed Village overview now shows correct amount of buildings being built

18th October 2009

  • Added Attacking, Conquering, Destroying and Repairing

6th October 2009

  • Added Background images for each race (Thanks Ianovi!)

30th September 2009

  • Fixed Registration issues have been sorted

29th September 2009

  • Fixed Display of final evolution buildings in the village and construction view

28th September 2009

  • Added Resource deluxe features have been implemented and can be activated using Jewels
  • Added Referring friends now yields a reward of Jewels once the friend reaches 150 population
  • Fixed Reinforcement bug where the reinforcement would 'disappear' upon arrival
  • Fixed Bug where reinforcing would sometimes yield resources

24th September 2009

  • Added Ability to repair buildings
  • Added Basic building overview (more to come)
  • Fixed Fixed exploit where players were able to degrade a building without an architect building to 10
  • Fixed Degrading/destroying a building now takes the correct time
  • Fixed error from spamming the Delete button when viewing a log
  • Fixed bug that prevented deletion of message when viewing
  • Fixed bug where you could see the co-ordinates and location of an unexplored person in logs

23rd September 2009

  • Changed Players can no longer attack players in the same clan

22nd September 2009

  • Changed Increased costs and times for fields over stage 20
  • Changed Name of Stables to Lizard Pens
  • Changed Upgrade button now greys out and shows error when construction queue is full.
  • Added ability to see who is online/offline within a clan
  • Added Graphics for Lizard Pens
  • Added Implemented some researches to boost resources income, especially food.
  • Fixed Units trained since you logged out will now join in defence if you're attacked before you log in again.

19th September 2009

  • Changed Idle time from 5 days to 7 days.
  • Added Made it so different sectors have different weather (still all same season).
  • Fixed Got rid of bug that duplicated Logs, Explorers and sometimes caused explorers to not work!
  • Fixed Issue with IE not greying out links.
  • Fixed Prevented player abuse degrading buildings without an architects at stage 10.

18th September 2009

  • Fixed Stopped player abuse allowing upgrade to any stage for cost of stage 1 construction

17th September 2009

  • Added Added final unit icons

16th September 2009

  • Added Added icons for Season and Weather (Thanks Ianovic)
  • Fixed Removed explorer from list of units when you confirm sending

15th September 2009

  • Changed lowered costs for Evo 2 and 3 buildings and fields.
  • Changed Reduced build times accross the board by 33%
  • Added Added some unit icons (Thanks Andyy)
  • Added icons to Overseer function
  • Fixed Got architects bonuses working properly
  • Fixed bug limiting settlers to 10

14th September 2009

  • Changed Kills for raids. Now a small random element in number of units that die.
  • Changed Screen layout for sending troops to look like other screens.
  • Changed Reduced training times for advanced units.
  • Changed Settlers booty capacity lowered to 5.
  • Changed Battle mages main building moved to Stables. (from shrine)
  • Changed Totally rebalanced units.
  • Changed Decreased training time for Priest units.
  • Changed Added sensible costs and values for leaders, swamp and special units.
  • Added Some more unit icons added.
  • Fixed Issues with Food Shortage warnings when upgrading buildings and low on food.

13th September 2009

  • Changed Allowed architects building to be degraded/destroyed at any stage.
  • Added Some more unit icons added.
  • Fixed Hit Points for buildings now displayed correctly.

12th September 2009

  • Added Hit Points for buildings now displayed.
  • Added Some more unit icons added.

11th September 2009

  • Added Added various unit icon graphics created by Andyy (Thanks Andyy!)
  • Fixed Fixed a frequent bug with explorers where they would often find nothing
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where settlers bounce when trying to settle and in a clan

10th September 2009

  • Changed Increased building time
  • Changed Increased building times for evo2, 3 and 4 buildings/resource fields.
  • Changed Reduced evo3 costs for resource fields slightly.
  • Changed Reduced evo3 costs of resource fields in Capital settlements by half.
  • Changed Reduced costs of Metal resource fields.
  • Changed Increased costs of Crystal resource fields.
  • Changed Adjusted costs of Food and Wood resource fields.
  • Changed Limited construction queue to 12 orders.
  • Changed Limited clan sizes to Leaders statehouse size.
  • Added Added current Server Settings to game guide.
  • Added When changing Capitals all resource stages over 20 are halved (then rounded down)
  • Fixed bug where settlers bounce occasionally.
  • Fixed bug that didn't count resources for calculating settlers that could be trained.
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow extra specialized unit at Evo-Final

9th September 2009

  • Added Uploaded three new buildings' graphics.

21st August 2009

  • Added Implemented terrain claiming
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where the units out to settle/claim weren't being added to total-troop count

17th August 2009

  • Changed Decreased rate at which numerous evo2 and 3 buildings increase in cost
  • Changed Drastically reduced costs for fortifications.
  • Changed Increased cost for advanced resource buildings
  • Fixed REALLY Fixed build requirements for advanced resource buildings

15th August 2009

  • Added Added to construction how much a building can be upgraded there.

13th August 2009

  • Changed Decreased Evo3 cost for architects
  • Changed Added terrain specific buildings
  • Changed Decreased Evo3 cost for Food sources
  • Changed Allowed Elemental guild at Shrine stage 10
  • Changed Fixed build requirements for advanced resource buildings
  • Changed Lowered carrying capacity of settlers.
  • Added Implemented one-per-player buildings
  • Added Implemented buildings that exclude another building.

11th August 2009

  • Added Added ability to see failed login attempts with time/date and IP within Profile

7th August 2009

  • Changed When sitting a player it now says 'Stop Sitting (player)' rather than log out
  • Added Added up carrying capacity for you on the confirm sending screen for raids.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where reinforcements were disappearing

5th August 2009

  • Added Implemented scouting, allowing players to take a peek at wall stage, shrine stage, troops and resources inside other villages...
  • Added Added a link to log out screen where you can go and vote for Konoro

4th August 2009

  • Changed Changed the way settler limits are displayed.
  • Changed Separated settling and claiming functions away from Terrain View
  • Added Added Map View link to Terrain View.
  • Added Added Twitter to login page
  • Added Added link to this thread in login page.
  • Added Added ability to sit and be sat (allow players to watch over accounts for when you can't) - this is in profile > account

3rd August 2009

  • Added Added basic clan statistics and ranking, ability to boot players and clan attack overview

2nd August 2009

  • Added Added basic clan ranks, ability to leave clans and ability to change details (if you have the privs)

30th July 2009

  • Added Implemented Green combat racial ability. Cannibalism

24th July 2009

  • Changed Change village name moved form profile to village/town/City Hall

23rd July 2009

  • Added Newbie Protection - 5 days - implimented.

22nd July 2009

  • Changed Resources now dynamically tick without having to refresh.
  • Changed Made various layout alterations and improvements (I hope)
  • Added Added link to Market place on merchant movement.php, if you have one
  • Added Added link to building guide on empty slots in town view
  • Added Added pop-ups to detailed unit information upon clicking a unit name in any unit menu
  • Added Added pop-ups to registration race pictures
  • Added Clan map sharing has been implemented... you can now see everything that anyone in your clan has already explored
  • Added Added ability for reinforced units to be amended rather than pulling everything back

17th July 2009

  • Added Basic unit starvation has been implemented.

16th July 2009

  • Changed Logs have been reworked to now show reinforcements and not allow attacker to see any troops if they lose

11th July 2009

  • Added Added anti-bot image verification on confirmation screens. (Note: this is only required a tiny percent of the time)

9th July 2009

  • Added Added ability to message multiple recipients using commas to seperate. 20 Maximum to avoid spam
  • Added Added ability to message the Entire Clan

7th July 2009

  • Added Added random explore button (Thanks to Zytron)
  • Added Additional information added to troop overview, such as defence and upkeep of reinforcements
  • Added Added a repeat button within raid logs to repeat an action
  • Added Altered various building positions
  • Added Added some new building pictures, such as barracks

3rd July 2009

  • Fixed Fixed odd marketplace bugs where offers weren't being accepted correctly.

2nd July 2009

  • Added Added unit details to tooltips when you train them.

30th June 2009

  • Changed Increased upkeep for resource bonus buildings.
  • Changed Increased evo2 costs for Factory, Lab and Forge.
  • Changed Decreased costs for fletchers, sling maker and Crystal polisher.
  • Changed Changed output from evo2 and evo3 fields.
  • Changed Decreased costs of evo2 fields.
  • Changed increased costs of evo3 fields.
  • Changed Kings Villa only needs architect of 4 now.
  • Changed Reduced food costs for food and metal resources.
  • Changed Reduced upkeep for metal resources.
  • Changed Decreased costs for statehouse.
  • Changed Decreased evo2 costs for academy.

29th June 2009

  • Added Added ability to view previous weeks within the Weekly Top 10 statistics page
  • Added If you have explored all 5 squares shown in the land overview, you can see how much that square produces upon settling
  • Added Added several improvements to Combat Simulator and Fixed odd combat and log bugs

28th June 2009

  • Added New combat system implemented where walls, capital, population and troop types are taken into account
  • Fixed Fixed a few displaying errors in statistics and reinforcements

27th June 2009

  • Added Added basic combat simulator to determine outcome of a new combat system

26th June 2009

  • Added Implemented total and weekly statistics for Offence, Defence, Raiders, Traders

23rd June 2009

  • Added Added ability to recall outgoing units that have been travelling for less than 2 minutes
  • Added Implemented a message within Marketplace to show when you will get another merchant
  • Added Added capitals, which can be set in the Kings Villa

21st June 2009

  • Added Added direction of attack when from an unexplored village
  • Fixed Fixed bug where log would incorrectly display deaths of explorers, settlers if they were hidden by a Hidey Hole and there were no troops within the village

20th June 2009

  • Changed Enabled reinforcements (need to be displayed within logs)

19th June 2009

  • Fixed Fixed bug where you would gain more troops than you queued, for free (hopefully!)

18th June 2009

  • Changed Units produced in secondary buildings show a warning about cost.
  • Changed Idle player villages will now turn grey when idle for more than 5 days
  • Added Overview of units within Village
  • Added Added additional checks to Settling
  • Added Added basic translation functionality through Google Translation (Website will be properly translated at a later date)
  • Fixed Fixed statistics bug (thanks Zytron)
  • Fixed Possible fix to multiple units returning (thanks Zytron)
  • Fixed Explorers are now shown as dead when they have been killed
  • Fixed Merchant reports no longer give name or location of where they are from.
  • Fixed Fixed rare bug where queue times were not being shown

17th June 2009

  • Changed Reduced food costs of all buildings.
  • Changed Limited deaths greatly when attacking someone with minimal troops.
  • Fixed Fixed logs mysteriously disappearing when the other side deleted them
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where troops would ALWAYS loot their maximum amount of resources rather than what is available

16th June 2009

  • Changed Changed Queue pages to Overviews, which will display information in more detail.
  • Changed Hidey Holes capacities now stack and you can now build more than one.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug that prevented settlers from, well, settling.

12th June 2009

  • Changed Unit queues are now appended to one queue relative to their build location.
  • Changed Implemented unit build limits for various troops. Explorers can now be killed and rebuilt (1 maximum per village)
  • Changed Food Processing Centre and Large Food Processing Centre now give 2% bonus for each level rather than 1%
  • Changed Reduced costs of Hidey Hole.
  • Changed Changed requirements of Crystal Polisher.
  • Changed Reduced requirements for shrine.
  • Changed Reduced metal costs for metal mines, forge,stables and blacksmith.
  • Changed Carts now need stage 8 market and stage 1 stables.
  • Changed Explorers now need just a stage 1 hall.
  • Changed Adjusted some units' speeds.
  • Changed Adjusted some units' carrying capacities.
  • Changed Statistics page now goes straight to yourself. Ranks are displayed in Player profiles and races are colour co-ordinated. Search also added
  • Added Hidey Holes now work, you can see their capacity once built. They can also save your explorer and settlers when attacked
  • Added Added unit queues, which are displayed in the building or everything is displayed in the global unit queue
  • Added Added ability to view units that are moving, through clicking [view] on attacks, incoming and outgoing queue pages
  • Fixed Fixed Large Map centre button
  • Fixed Fixed the max unit links so they fill the textbox (Thanks Simkim :D)

9th June 2009

  • Fixed Got rid of white dots on placeholder building graphic

8th June 2009

  • Changed Disabled building settlers for the time being. They cannot die yet
  • Changed Increased carrying capacities
  • Changed Halved costs of Priests
  • Changed Adjusted a couple units' speeds
  • Added Land/Village name to Incoming and Outgoing Description [1) Exploring Unexplored Land (-8/37) in 02m 21s].
  • Fixed Fixed double building costs of units

7th June 2009

  • Changed Changed unit speeds, players will mainly notice much slower explorers.
  • Added Implemented a pillaging system - raid players for their resources!

6th June 2009

  • Added Added lists of buildings and units for each race in "Roleplaying" section of forum
  • Added Added descriptions for each race on registration page

5th June 2009

  • Changed Updated icons a little within the navigation. These are not final, but still better than previous
  • Added Implemented a new marketplace system

4th June 2009

  • Changed Increased the session time out from 24minutes to an hour as people were getting annoyed
  • Added Implemented a brand new list of troops, as well many different types
  • Added Added a drop-down select for sending resources within the marketplace

2nd June 2009

  • Fixed Fixed a bug where players would sometimes receive multiple logs for one action

1st June 2009

  • Changed Allowed architect's with Village hall 4 instead of 5
  • Changed Lowered metal costs of Iron and crystal fields
  • Changed Increased crystal and decreased metal costs for Village Hall
  • Changed Increased crystal costs for market, storehouses, food storehouses and statehouse.
  • Changed When you explore an occupied field or village, your explorer automatically explores the lot
  • Changed Removed redundant "Village Size" from layout.
  • Changed When you explore an occupied terrain you see the whole settlement (but get no resources)
  • Changed Removed Change Village dropdown box until you have more than one
  • Added GAME RESTARTED! with enhanced map features and game advertised to more people.
  • Added Added 'Settling A New Village' to the guide (Thanks for writing this Andyy)
  • Fixed Fixed the additional slashes that appear in messages after clicking reply
  • Fixed Fixed bugged password reset

27th May 2009

  • Fixed Fixed an annoyance where the page refreshed whilst viewing or writing a message
  • Fixed Fixed a huge bug which would cause buildings to increase or decrease dramatically if spammed
  • Fixed Implemented a handful of performance enhancements.

26th May 2009

  • Added Implemented a new map system, which will allow an enhanced moving system [in the works].
  • Added If you have explored a village, it will now show the co-ordinates in the users profile with a link to the map location.
  • Added Added Total Production from All Villages into Field View.

25th May 2009

  • Changed Maximum amount of merchants has been increased.
  • Changed New building requirements added.
  • Changed Higher stages of buildings a lot more expensive.
  • Added Ability to see what is queued next to unit in it's building
  • Fixed Removed exploit where you could spam building settlers who were queued
  • Fixed Fixed unit building, should be able to build multiple troops at once now
  • Fixed Fixed unit building times, they should display correctly now
  • Fixed Settling should now be working as planned and bug free (yeah right)

22nd May 2009

  • Fixed If settlers try to settle on an already settled square, they will return
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where only one type of unit could be built
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where requirements were being met early or not at all

20th May 2009

  • Added Added 4 seasons and 7 different weathers (Just being displayed atm)

12th May 2009

  • Added Added basic marketplace functionality (Send/Buy/Sell)

3rd May 2009

  • Added Added basic destroy/downgrade building capabilities
  • Added Clan/Alliance basic functionality added
  • Added Replaced village view with new one from panbubo (buildings to come)

24th March 2009

  • Added Walls can now be built in settlements
  • Added In-game announcements have now been added
  • Fixed Select All now works for IGMs
  • Fixed Major Explore bug allowing instant explores is now fixed

24th March 2009

  • Fixed Fixed % of map explored bug