City Building Games

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City Building Games

City Building Games are a type of game where clans co-operatively build up a city to destroy enemy players and entire clans.

Play one of the greatest City Building Games

Play the greatest of City Building Games in which you compete against other clans in building the largest city and achieve the end game objective. Settle villages, build them to a huge city and train armies to destroy and smash your enemy's city. Build across the map with the incredible Warriors, the bloodthirsty Barbarians or the magistic Magi. Traders travel on the ingame marketplace to profit and fight over scarse resources.

Strategy is the key to survival if you plan on Building the greatest City against your enemies in this City Building Game as you destroy city after city, clans and take down those who oppose you.

Build up an army of infantry, archers, lizards, fire catapults and rams to fight and defend your City.

Players start off with a small city, utilising a basic non-military building and a variety of terrains in the best of City Building Games. Watch your City stand strong built on 5 varied terrains, made up of four types of resource: Wood, Crystal, Metal and Food. The more time spent building resource fields, the quicker the storehouses build up for use on building structures in your city, researching and training combat units.

Explorers explore unknown terrains around your city, unveiling hidden terrains and finding treasures on the map.

Research sharper weapons and enhanced armour for your strongest soldiers. Learn better management of resources in your city and extra building tools for the architects to build up your city.